Principal Investigator (PI):

Dr. Dali Sun

Assistant Professor
Department of Physics
North Carolina State University
851 Main Campus Dr.
Partners III, Rm147, Raleigh, NC 27695
Tel: 919-515-6671. Email:

Honors & Awards
2022 NSF Career Award
2020 DOE Early Career Award
2020 Journal of Physics: Materials Early Career Award
2018 Emerging Leaders, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter


Postdoc Associate:

Dr. Rui Sun. E-mail:

Graduate Students:

Zhengjie Huang. E-mail:

Andrew Comstock. E-mail:

Aeron McConnell. E-mail:


Eric Vetter. E-mail:
Shijia Yang. E-mail:
Anamaria Trandafir. E-mail:
Otto Timberlake. E-mail:
Jared Taylor. E-mail:
Nick Castanho. E-mail:


Group Photos

Oct. 16th, 2021, Group lunch. Dr. Rui Sun, welcome to our group!

(From left to right): Dr. Rui Sun, Zhengjie, Andrew, Dr. Sun


May. 11th, 2021. Dr. Eric Vetter!

(From left to right): Zhengjie, Andrew, Dr. Vetter, Dr. Sun



Mar. 16th, 2021, Eric Vetter successfully defends his Ph.D. thesis! Congratulations, Dr. Vetter!
















Jun. 12, 2020. Eric and Shijia’ work received an award in JPhys. Materials!





















Nov. 26, 2019, Group lunch

(From left to right): Dr. Sun, Zhengjie, To