2023 April 21 North Carolina Science Olympiad (NCSO) event: “Solar Power”

Dr. Sun’s group participates in the 2023 NCSO tournament as the event supervisor together with Dr. Jun Liu’s group from MAE for the “Solar Power Div. B/C” for trial tournaments.

2019 October 5 North Carolina Science Olympiad (NCSO) Coaches Clinic (Southeast Raleigh High School, Raleigh, NC)

Dr. Sun participates in the 2020 NCSO tournament as the event supervisor (together with Mr. Alex Dewalle from UNC-CH) for the “Machine Div. B/C” for state and national tournaments. Dr. Sun and Alex gave the coaches clinic presentation for ~120 science teachers from the middle/high schools across the country. Welcome to ‘Machines’! A lever makes things easier thanks to Newton’s laws. PY205 is everywhere!


2019 August 20 “How to succeed in PY205” in Witherspoon Student Center at NC State

Dr. Sun gave a talk about “How to succeed in PY205” for the students from Wake STEM Early College Program in Witherspoon Student Center. Welcome to NC State!


2019 August 9 Launch Your Excellent Adventures with Physics (LEAP) program at NC State, Raleigh

“From Gold to Green” 
Eric and Shijia are explaining the demo for high school girls during the LEAP event.


2019 April 27 “Mission Possible” event at the 2019 NCSO State Tournament, NC State, Raleigh

Dr. Sun is participating in the “Mission Possible” event at the 2019 NCSO State Tournament on Saturday, April 27.

2019 April 7 “Energy Matters” event at the 2019 NCSO Tournament for the elementary students.

Dr. Sun coaches the team from Thales Academy Elementary school for “Energy Matters” at the 2019 NCSO Tournament on April 7.


2018 Crosby Summer Camp at E Crosby Community Center, Raleigh.

2018, August 2nd, Sun’s group demonstrated the ‘mini LIGO’ system using laser pointers at Crosby Summer Camp (Wake County Government 4-H Youth Development), E Crosby Community Center, Raleigh.


2018 Science Summer Camp at RedApple Learning Campus, Cary

“Typography by dominoes”
2018, July 27. Sun’s group demonstrated the ‘Typography’ using dominoes at RedApple Learning Campus.


2018 Launch Your Excellent Adventures with Physics (LEAP) program at NC State, Raleigh

Mini-Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory, ‘Mini LIGO’.

(Left) Graduate student, Eric Vetter is explaining to high school students about the basic principle of the laser interferometer. (Right) High school students are operating the ‘Mini-LIGO’ tool and try to obtain the interference patterns.


2018 Science Fun event at RedApple Learning Campus, Cary

“Chirality in Pinwheels”

Graduate student, Shijia Yang is helping with K-5 students to assemble two types of pinwheels (clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation).


“Chirality in Dominoes”

(Left) Dr. Sun is demonstrating the left- and right-handed chirality using domino patterns. (Right) K-5 students are constructing domino patterns to present the chirality.



2018 NC Science Olympiad competition, Cary

Dr. Sun participated and consulted the ‘water rocket’ team from a local elementary school, Thales Academy at 2018 North Carolina Science Olympiad competition.



2018 Physics Department Symposium at NC State, Raleigh

Undergraduate student, Nicholas is presenting his poster about the home-built thermelectronic apparatus for longitudinal and transverse spin Seebeck effect measurements in a NiFe film.


2017 ORaCEL Outreach at NC State, Raleigh

The demonstration of fruit batteries in the PI’s lab at the NanoDays event.